37 Tips for Safely Traveling with Food Allergies

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Want to readily travel despite food allergies? Making a journey around town or across the global can be done with a little preparation and ease!

Through front-end preparation, you can take steps to get ready, plan for the unexpected, and safeguard health.

You'll find insight I've gleaned through my travel experiences and lessons learned including 37 helpful tools for those traveling more traditionally or via multiple modes of transportation. There are no limits! If you're ready to make the next move with confidence before your next trip, then this eBook is for you!

This 5-part eBook covers:

  • Travel Preparation
  • During Preparation
  • Arrival Preparation
  • Medical Information Planning
  • Online Resources & Data Tracking

Dawn McCoy, Leadership Strategist, Author, Consultant, Speaker

You'll get a 20-page PDF file