3-hour Critique Package

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  • $180.00

Looking for an additional critique for your documents, reports, or guides? Enlist support from Flourish Leadership Group and you'll be on your way! Consider the following:

  1. Looking for helping hands to write narrative?
  2. Need details compiled or research conducted for your technical report or documentation purposes?
  3. Are you seeking ways ramp the feed for your social media channels?
  4. Maybe you need to save time and energy and have someone write that proposal or guidebook for you?

With the 3-hour service package, you may allocate 30- or 1-hour increments to complete your projects done... quickly! You get a personalized action plan including assessments, a project intake form, and a chart for the goals to help you accomplish with your specific tasks/project.

Once your purchase is completed, you will receive information about scheduling your appointment (s) and and getting details about next steps!

You'll get 1 PDF file